'Silvers', or silver fish, have become more popular in recent years, especially during colder months when carp adopt a more laid back approach. Commercial fisheries, who up till a few years ago, are now realising that their previously ignored silver stocks are big business when the temperature drops. For those of you who find carp over-the-top, we include this category for you, it deals with the finer points of angling, rather than the brute forces!

Plundering Winter Roach!
Every year in certain parts of Europe, massive roach shoals migrate into their winter quarters. These are usually areas which are a bit sheltered and often not too deep. Dave Ewing was joined by Dave Vincent and Pierre Francois Deschipper in northern France for a bit of 'redfin' plundering... READ MORE
Plundering Winter Roach!
Dave and Pierre try to get to grips with an unfamiliar water and some unforeseen issues... READ MORE
Cupping winter 'Chop' for silvers
The arrival of winter sees carp consigned to the 'backburner', which allows their smaller relatives to take centre stage. We show you one of the best ways to get the most 'silvers' out of your local commercial by cupping in chopped worm and caster, perhaps the most effective non-bloodworm winter bait combination ever... READ MORE