one2one.jpgone2one.jpgCome match day most of us have a fair idea of what we’ll do … what method or perhaps what bait. The problem is sometimes we can’t quite make up our mind which one!
What we’ll be looking at, is a simple process of pitting one bait, style etc., against another on a one2one basis… will it be corn or catmeat, maggot or caster, baggin wagg or floating pole, slider or feeder. Making the correct choice could mean the difference between winning or losing...
... it can be that simple!
What the series hopes to acheive, is not necessarily say that one particular method or bait is better than another, but rather illustrate some of the pros and cons which can be involved when making a choice. The two items we show will be as closely matched as possible, in order to make it a fair comparison.
Hopefully it will prompt you think a little deeper when making a choice, a decision which must be based on hard facts… not your own personal preferences. After all you don’t see the top anglers fishing their favourite style or bait, if it won’t win them a penny… do you?
Good results usually come down to the simple choices we make...
that's what these features are all about!

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