PREPARATION - Not something we all necessarily do 100%! It is however, perhaps, one of the most important things to attaining your dreams and aspirations in day-to-day life. General angling, while relying largely on luck, tends to avoid a high level of preparation due to its leisurely approach. Match angling however, sees achievable success, not by a reliance on pure luck, (although there is a small part that it plays) but on the effort you put into it... before, during and after any specific event. In this section we hope to cover various aspects of 'preparation' which will hopefully enable you to become more self-aware and successful in gaining that ultimate 'success'.

Spare the stem... or spoil the float!
It's an issue which, until a few years ago, was not really relevant, but since the advent of carbon as a replacement for the old favourite wire stem models, we are now faced with more options than ever, in terms of float slection. But the fundamental question remains about the choice of stems, “Carbon or Wire: Which should we choose and why?”... READ MORE
The Gardener Way: Pt1
Some are born rich, some are born poor... but skill comes from hard work and dedication. Qualities available to all of us. But what actually separates us mere mortal anglers, from our godlike peers? It's not money.... it's as simple as preparation and dedication, so who better to illustrate the point than England's International and southern icon, Steve Gardener...
The Gardener Way: Pt2
We delve deeper into 'God's Country' as we continue our series into how Steve Gardener prepares himself for matches, both home and away. This instalment is all about rigs and their set-up... exactly why, how and with what, he sets them up with... READ MORE
The Gardener Way: Pt3
We finally have the last instalment of our fascinating series, The Gardener Way, which goes behind 'closed doors' or at least the garage doors of Steve Gardener's angling workshop. This part completes the series and covers Steve's approach to hooks and their use... READ MORE