This category covers something which we can't really do without... BAIT. It may be the humble maggot and worm, the sweetcorn that we sometimes eat ourselves, or even more exotic feed. We'll look at different types of bait from the many pellet varieties through to the more natural ones!

Winter Pellets
Pellets are normally associated with the warmer months, but when temperatures plunge and snow falls, some anglers discount them as useless and leave them at home, It's a shame, because all you need is a little bit of know-how to do well with them, whatever the weather decides to do. Our top southern 'Ace' shows just how
A Worm's Eye View!
Old enough to remember those days of dangling a redworm on the end of a line? Well, worms have moved on since then and a new kid on the block has emerged... the mighty dendrobaena! No longer do we pick up the odd tub from the tackle shop, or scour our garden lawns or compost heaps, we now buy these hardy wrigglers by the kilo! But where do they materialise from... and how? Dave Ewing looks at the process involved in generating just a small fraction of the hundreds of tons of produced
nationally each year for an insatiable market... READ MORE