Make mine a DOUBLE!
Steve Gardener covers one of the most important, yet often misunderstood, feeding strategies when bloodworm fishing — 'double leaming'. Stripping away the mystiqué, Steve explains in straightforward terms, just how simple it all can be. Includes video of fish feeding in a controlled environment on double leam... READ MORE !!!

Tweggy,DJ & SteveTweggy,DJ & SteveA brief trip, but what a trip!
It was early November that I made a special trip to Ypres, Belgium, with dual significance. First, it was to attend the celebrations to honour the millions who gave their lives for the cause of freedom 100 years ago. Secondly, to fulfill a long standing promise and visit a special shop in the town, which I had unavoidably missed the previous year due to car trouble! Both had been on my wish-list for sometime... READ MORE


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