A brief introduction to the event... CLICK

Having just return from Slovenia we are now in the process of formulating our coverage. Due to the massive volume of pictures taken, we will gradually add to our special Gallery section and stories over the next couple of weeks. This year we shall try to create 'special slideshows' focussing on numerous country's individual anglers, as well as more general views. Please be patient as content will be uploaded as soon as possible.

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Our GALLERIES from BOTH days are now complete...

Interviews with Hungary's Szilard
Magyar and England's Mark Downes... CLICK

Below are our two Special Features on Alan Scotthorne,
by his Maver Barnsley team mate Lee Kerry:

Prept' and rarin' to go?
Tackle preparation for both Alan Scotthorne and England is the first thing that comes into the equation when creating the groundwork for an assault on any major Championship. This means finding out as much information about the venue in order to make sure everyone, and everything, is fully prepared... READ MORE

A Runners Lot!
Under normal bank running situations, you need a certain degree of angling experience and awareness to be able to convey to your team mates, exactly what's happening in their sections. Under an international three hour time limit, these skills have to be increased ten-fold, especially when it's a 5x World Champion you're looking after!... READ MORE

The Day of Reckoning!
Saturday had proved a major disappointment for England, yet their 'hotel-mates' Hungary, were under no illusions that while gold was well within their grasp, they just had to keep cool heads on Sunday to secure it... READ MORE
NOTE: Our apologises for missing off TWO important slideshows in Rob's part of this story. They are of Jan Heidenreich's marathon battle with a 5kg+ carp and catchshots of Sections B,C and D.

Saturday proved an elightening experience, with colour and depth combining to place England in a difficult position. We look back at the start of our coverage and relate to some of the things which we felt influenced the first days outcome... READ MORE

Saturday results... CLICK
Magnificent Magyars - A brief overview of Saturday... CLICK

Friday's Diary Report from Slovenia
The previous night’s England team meeting centred around the fact that the colour was beginning to fall out of the main river.
The River Savinja tributary, next to our hotel, had dropped and was now much less coloured than it had been.
Could the increasing clarity bring a complete change in the fishing?

Thursday's Diary Report from Slovenia
What an awesome place Slovenia is!!!
The scenery is absolutely breathtaking and despite a few road works, Lee and myself got to the hotel in good time on Wednesday evening, having survived DJ’s driving.