Welcome to our completed 2009 European Gallery Section.

GALLERIES of Sunday's match:
NOTE: The Galleries from Sunday, unlike Saturday's, have been broken down into sections. There are also a limited amount of them, as we included many in The Day of Reckoning article. Even so, there are still nearly 60 photos to view here:

Sections A & B








Sections C & D







Section E







... and Finally








GALLERIES of Saturday's match:
NOTE: We have placed some countries with other because of we have limited photos available of them, but each Gallery is clearly marked with the countries included. These Galleries do not follow any alphabetical order.









Russia and Serbia







England 1







England 2








Hungary, Latvia, Portugal and Ukraine
















Austria, Czech Republic, Denmark,
Finland and Sweden














San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia
and Switzerland







This Gallery deals with the catch boards which are
placed behind every competing angler.


Catch boards are extremely important and an integral part of international matches. They inform all teams as to how their competitors are doing. There are no secrets on the bank, within reason everyone knows what everyone is doing. What these first six boards in C section show is how the section is starting to 'pan-out'. What is most noticeable is the English, Italian and Belgian catch rates for the first hour, in particular the Belgian Frans Schoubben. His rate emphasised the speed at which Belgian anglers were catching small fish, something which impressed England manager Mark Downes. These three countries shared three out of the top four section places, with England's Steve Hemingray ultimately winning the battle for the section and setting himself up with a 'golden' opportunity on day two.

Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia and France








Some General shots for your pleasure








Germany, Holland and Luxembourg