For the first time, sections are now split into two halves. This years championship consists of 27 teams, therefore a section will be divided as follows:

Pegs 1-14 & pegs 15-27.  The points will be restructured as follows: Where ever peg 14 comes weight-wise, it will take that position in the second part of the section. While the position in the first half of the section counts for points, peg 14's weight in the second half only acts as a position for other teams on less weight to fall inline behind...  ie, Section A pegs 1-14 saw Denmark on peg 14 and finish with 2.250kgs. This gave the Danish angler  Ole Haugnes 6pts in the first half of the section.

Denmarks weight now goes into the second half of the secton, pegs 15-27. Denmarks peg number is designated as peg 28... only for positoonal purposes. Every other team in the second half who have less than Denmarks 2.250kgs, will fall behind them points-wise. Denmark DO NOT score any extra points... they are only there to balance the uneven section out.

I know it seems complicated and long-winded, but this is what FIPSed have decided how all future imbalanced sections will be structured.

Section A 1-14
Section A 15-28
Section B 1-14
Section B 15-28
Section C 1-14
Section C 15-28
Section D 1-14
Section D 15-28
Section E 1-14
Section E 15-28