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Stuart with flagStuart with flagIt’s not simply just a matter of turning up!
Most match anglers in the UK, and to some extent abroad, have no concept of just what’s required to first enter, then compete at the highest level of angling… that of fishing a World or European Championship... READ MORE


Luc and pal!Luc and pal!

64th World Angling Championships
Brussels–Charleroi Canal, Ronquières, Belgium
It’s sometimes difficult to know where to start one of these features on MA.com, but bearing in mind the time since the last international was covered, I’m happy to say this visit was immense, entirely rewarding and long overdue as the fishing proved fascinating and absorbing... READ MORE


Goodbye to a Great Champion
It's now been officially announced that Steve Gardener has not been selected for this years World Champs in Croatia...READ MORE


Is this the shape of things to come?
Canale Brian, Torre di Mosto, Venice, Italy
8-9th June 2013
The Canal Brian showed a different side to its nature most every day during practice and it was something that would prove an undoing for many teams, Italian and English alike... READ MORE


Jan the ManJan the ManHolland rise, England fall
A report of the 61st World Angling Championship
Now that the dust has finally settled on what proved to be a graveyard for two of the world’s most technically gifted teams, we can look back to try and analyse just where it all went wrong... READ MORE


altaltNot really a secret tactic!
2013 World Championships, Zeranski Canal, Warsaw, Poland
England hit gold in Poland, against the odds. It was never looking the likely result, on what many (including myself) considered another difficult and poorly stocked venue. But things didn't turn out as expected and conditions and tactics conspired to turn the tables on the home side Poland and produce one of those memorable England performances to match, and even surpass, those of previous years in France, Spain and Italy. READ MORE


2013 World Club Championships
Serbia overhaul Saturday's runaway winners, Slovenia, to take the 2013 World Club Championship trophy. We have the FULL results sheets on our contents page and video diaries, features from this years championship.
Available from Thursday 6th June...CLICK

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