2009 WC Contents Page
Welcome to our coverage of this year's World Championships from Almere, Netherlands. The event was indeed a 'thriller' with at least 4-5 teams holding very strong medal aspirations going into the final day. Our reports and photos come from our dedicated and knowledgeable band of reporters: Dave Johnson, Rob Hewison and Lee Kerry.

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STOP PRESS: SLOVAKIA win World Gold in Almere with France and Belgium in silver and bronze. Russian Igor Propov is the individual winner with England's Will Raison in silver medal position and Denmark's Simon Jensen in bronze... FULL CHAMPIONSHIP RESULTS ... CLICK


You cannot be serious! 
When it comes to competing at world level, there are some who will go to extraordinary lengths to attend. None more so than a particular team from the 'edge-of-the-planet', who made a journey which took FOUR years to achieve... and for just two days of match fishing in Holland!!! … READ MORE

Is it Point(less) or not?
Well, as suspected prior to the start of this years Championships, the newly introduced points systems really did make a difference. But was that difference a fair one? Dave Johnson takes a very close look at the new points system adopted this year by FIPSed... READ MORE


Springbok's Spring A Surprise!
It is nice to report on a success story from one of the world's lesser nations, in terms of European angling stature that is! South Africa is displaying all the hallmarks of a team on the 'Up'... READ MORE

Interview with Russia's 2009 World Champion
Few World Individual Champions arrive on the podium and then begin to make the audience sit up and take notice, but Russia's Igor Potapov most certainly did. We managed to get the briefest of interviews with the new champion!... READ MORE

Editor's Analysis
Dave Johnson looks back and gives his opinion on what went on, without trying to use the benefit of hindsight... READ MORE

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One Bridge Too Many?
A Day Two Report from the 56th World Angling Championships in Almere, Holland.
The new points system had thrown into the mix, one of the world's 'minnow' nations, Slovakia. But there were other forces at work besides this on Sunday, which ultimately affected the result. Could the policy on leaving TEN end pegs, really help to make the event fair when there are 38 teams each deserving of one? ... READ MORE

Bream Or Bust?
A Day One Report from the 56th World Angling Championships in Almere, Holland.
The weather leading up to the start of the weekends competition had become progressively worse. Torrential rain had lashed the area the two previous nights and doubts would focus on whether this would play a part in any outcome. There was still a question mark hanging over the new points systems as well...

Saturday Results... CLICK

A 'Very' brief up-date on arrival... READ MORE

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