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The 2011 World Angling Championships
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New day… fresh hope?
An overview of the 59th World Championships from Uherske Hradiste in the Czech Republic – Part 2
The final day... will it bring some relief to those teams looking for something better, or would bleak tactics prevail? Could England or Italy bulldoze a path to the podium? … READ MORE
Italy take WCC apart
Brief report from the 2012 World Club Championships in Portugal
Expectations were high for the 2012 World Club Championships in Cabecao, Portugal, with Daiwa Dorking representing England’s hopes of a golden crown. But as with many of these club championships, the fates once more conspired against them. Having said that, they graciously accepted that the best teams on the day had finished in front of them... READ MORE
Italy finish strongest but Dutch snap at their heels!
A first day's appraisal
“Revenge is a dish best served cold” could be applied to Italy's emphatic victory on home soil after their appalling failure against England in what was the graveyard of Spinadesco! 'Revenge'... in as much as they didn't just beat England, this time they brushed them aside as if they where not there. 'Served cold'... they had to wait a few years to do it, THREE in fact...READ MORE

altaltDisappointment ‘reigned’ for many!
Looking back on the 59th World Championships from Uherske Hradiste in the Czech Republic
 It was without doubt a slow moving event, lacking in excitement and decent fish, for both spectators and press alike, but it was not the fault of the hosts. Weather conditions conspired to tip the balance of results, away from the world’s top teams on the River Morava...READ MORE! 

Italy savours a sweet victory
A look back at day 2 of the Championship
What this victory meant in Italy can only be seen and measured in how the team and their followers celebrated during and after the presentation ceremony. If Spinadesco could have been laid to rest, it was certainly Ostellato that achieved it, although the measure of the 'Azzuri's' dominance seemed, with hindsight, to be slightly misplaced. Holland ran them very close on day one and Hungary matched them on day two. So where did it go right, or wrong, for the other top nations? ... READ MORE
Will the Real Drennan Team England take a bow!
Steve Martin
looks at this year's World Championships in Spain from a different angle. He explains how Team Drennan England's success, was not only about the five guys fishing on the bank, but rather the backup they received behind them and just how significant its support became... READ MORE
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