This years championship sees Slovenia take angling honours' by hosting the event on the River Sava in Radece. Nearly a 1000 kilometres long, the Sava is a tributary of the mighty Danube and extends from its junction, just east of the Serbian capital Belgrade, through the countries of Serbia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia and Slovenia.

Slovenia is a small country by european standards, populated by just 2 million people (approx.) with many living in its capital Ljubljana. It is the third most forested country in Europe after Finland and Sweden and has an unspoilt alpine skiing mecca along its northern boundaries.

The Sava at Radece is between 100 to 150 metres wide, deep and slow moving. This is a powerful river when carry extra water and could require anything up to 50gr lollipops when these conditions are encountered. However, a more conservative approach is required under normal conditions with floats from anything between 2 and 20 grams.

Depths are vary between 3 and 6 metres at 13 metres with a drop to 6-8 metres on the bolognese and slider lines, some 30 to 40 metres out. The banks in Sections A and B are natural with Sections C, D and E having concrete platforms.

The main species are Vimba with plenty of bleak, barbel, carp and roach. Local competitions have a return of some 5-7 kilos based on a 60 peg event.

Our thanks go to our trusted MA Plus member Gido, for this information, along with the picture galleries below.

We shall have THREE reporters (including myself) in attendance at the championships and as per our usual format, we shall be covering the event in detail from Thursday 25th June. You can therefore expect an influx of reports, picture galleries, full results and overviews.... prior, during and after the event from us.
If there are any MA Plus members attending the championships, please come and introduce yourself to us, we would love to talk to you... and maybe we can meet for a beer in the evening as well!

Here are some useful web addresses:

Our photos in our first slideshow were taken in middle of May (2009), during a Slovenian league match on Sections C and D. Unfortunately the fish were spawning and not very co-operative with just over 2kg winning it. Gido was second that day!

Our next slideshow comes from an end of May competition and included a visiting French team, headed by the iconic Jean Desque. Weights were much improved, especially from Sections B and C. The French had practised two days earlier and caught between 8-12kg on the first day and around 6kg on the second day. The match itself saw the fish disappear off the 13m pole line, onto the bolognese and slider lines. We also include the results of this match below.