Our Tackle Shed category will include more compact reviews of tackle, which do not fall under our extensive Tackle Detective section. Nevertheless, we still feel these products are of value and worth considering when you next visit your local tackle.
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Hair-rig boxesHair-rig boxesSpecialised hair-rig hook boxes for the Method, Bomb and Pellet Wagg!
New to the UK and World markets, a range of hook boxes which actually fulfill all the basic and future needs of any match, pleasure and carp angler requiring a system of hair-rig storage, built to the highest quality and specification. Available exclusively through MA.com, these boxes are an essential tool for any angling session on any commercial fishery where the Method, Bomb or Pellet Wagg is used... READ MORE

Floats with Pedigree
There are few companies in the UK with an established reputation in the float making department. One of these has a pedigree stretching back several decades and has products tailor-made to today's commercial needs...READ MORE
Dave Ewing reviews an innovative product from tackle giants Sensas, which should make cupping-in much easier... READ MORE
Maver's 'Match This' Groundbait Catapult
With few innovations in the catapult market over the past few decades, Maver's rethink, regarding feeding groundbait, breaths a refreshing approach to topping-up at distance... READ MORE
The Sensas Easy Loop tier
Fingers do have their uses, but not when it comes to tying a tiny loop in fine or heavy lines. Sensas have taken the previous Seymo concept and come up with a 'gizmo' which exceeds all expectations... READ MORE
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