Sensas Easy Loop
The Sensas Easy Loop tier
The quick and easy way of tying the perfect loop!

If you've never seen one of the 'gizmos' in action, then you don't know what you're missing. An unbelieveable way to tie loops, it's so easy to do, following our step-by-step slideshow below. No more straining to tie a small loop in your line with stubby and sometime cold fingers, this 'tool' will transform the process in the blink of an eye and give you a superbly presented loop. There are two ways to use the tool and each achieves the same result. The products' guide on use is quite easy to understand, but the one which sold me on the tier was how England International Steve Gardener uses it. His way guarantees that every hooklength will always be the same length once you've tied your loop.

Steve always whips his hooks onto the line first, then pulls off an adequate amount of line prior to tying a loop. To get his hooklength distance identical, time after time, he uses a Rive hook board inconjunction with the Easy Loop, however, if you don't have one of these useful hook boards, all you need to do is set up two small wire pegs (thin nails are ideal) into a wood base, measured out to whatever lengths you require your hooklengths to be... 10cm, 20cm or even longer. Place the whipped hook on one of the pegs and turn the remaining nylon round at the other peg, just tensioning the line slightly. This gives the marker distance required for the final loop on the Sensas tier. Slip the hook and this loop off the pegs carefully, so as to not change the loop and then follow the slidshow instructions below. I managed a couple of dummy runs before achieving my first perfect loop... boy was that easy! I now tie all my hooklength and mainline loops this way and constantly keep asking myself why I never bothered to use this piece of kit before!

The instructions within the Easy Loop package are equally simple and in three languages, English, German and French and while they still give you the same perfect loop, there is an element of uncertainty about keeping a consistent length to your hooklengths!

The TWO tool pack allows for different size loops, one at 10mm and the other around 6mm... try tying one of those in 10 seconds flat with your fingers!!!

You should be able to buy a Sensas Easy Loop at your nearest quality tackle dealer, but if not, there are plenty of online shops with stock. At around £6 or just under 6 Euros, you will definitely not be disappointed in your purchase.

Dave Johnson