Our Tackle Detectives category will contain extended features on certain items of tackle. These features will be much more extensive then our other review categories and will hopefully answer most of your questions on whether the products could be useful to you!


It's Margin-al
Perhaps one of the most obvious changes to match angling over the past few years has been the rise in margin fishing. Even those fisheries without an abundance of carp are now having their margins plundered for all sorts of species… tench, bream, crucians, barbel, perch, plus the odd carp or two!... READ MORE

3 Men On A Lake
As far as the UK is concerned, the float market has been pretty much the preserve of just a few select manufacturers, both large and small. But now we see another entry making an impact, from the acknowledged centre of float making... Hungary. Dénes Lörincz, or Dino, is an accomplished angler and has represented his country at international level, so his 'angling-pedigree' is faultless. He's been producing floats for the past decade for certain select countries on the continent and now has the UK firmly in his sights. MA.com was fortunate to get hold of some specific patterns and decided to put them to the test, under slightly different test conditions... READ MORE
Cralusso Pole floats
How many times have you 'trashed' a float when margin fishing or simply been unable to contain what's on the end of your line? We investigate a float with the potential to both improve your fishing and at the same time keep down some of those float bills... READ MORE
To the Point of Destruction!
We take a look at some floats advertised as strong enough to tackle 'crazy' fish in snaggy surroundings. We dig (literally) right into our test floats and find out whether they are up to the task... READ MORE
It's Rocket Science!
In the first of our special Tackle Detective features, Dave Ewing takes a close look at the new range of Cralusso bodied wagglers and sees if all the 'hype' is justified...   READ MORE