World Champs Angle eMag
Will Raison's
World Champion's Angle
A Monthly eMagazine

from V2V Angling

The idea of focussing directly into a month-by-month life of one of the world's top anglers has to be applauded and if the first issue is anything to go by, we can expect following issues to continue the stream of in-depth and fascinating 'angles' on how Will goes about his business.

Once more we see a small operator extending the bounds of media development, unlike the established bodies who suffer from self-doubt, old formats and an unwillingness to push their publishing industry any further than their own self-imposed limitations.

The breakdown of content into specific areas is a great way to cover many of the subjects we all wish to know about Will. For instance, each month sees a main feature, (February's was on quality fish)... a proven groundbait mix relevant to the published month... some essential gear... a brief on the month ahead... plus a look back in time to some of Will's past features. In fact the eMag is extremely very well-broken down and there's something for everyone who wishes to know what Will is ALL about... and how he does things. I found it quite absorbing.

The level of content dealing with each of the six areas is excellent and it certainly seems that Will has not held back when it came to giving out his 'Knowledge'. Readers will find the PDF format easy to use and it will become a readily available library of information for several years... assuming the reader organises his computer files sensisbly of course! Papers have one basic handicap when it comes to trying to revisit any feature previously seen... it's eithe been binned, leant to a friend, or has been buried in a pile of assorted angling publication, somewhere in the homes dark recesses!

An option of a single issue £3.49 entry plan, rather than the main 6 month £18 subscription, is a good idea for those who may wish to checkout the content first, rather than commit to anything long term. However, the half-years subscription does work out at a more reduced cost per issue and thereby represents much better value.

Finally, one additional ground-breaking idea within the PDF file is the inclusion of a link to a short instructional video of Will... this really does show the potential and adaptibility of the eMagazine's format and I'm sure it will grab many people's attention.

Having been at the forefront of internet publishing for over eight years, I can fully endorse this eMagazine and wish Brian at V2V, along with Will, every success as they break into the media market with an outstanding product. It's packed with interesting, useful and well-scripted information and, assuming it continues in this vain, I would expect any subscriber, both in the UK and abroad, to relish this opportunity of getting an in-depth access to one of the world's finest anglers.

Dave Johnson,

Issue 2 (March) has just hit the 'Airwaves'!
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