Silvers on rod video P1
- Part One

A V2V Angling video

Traditional feeder fishing for bream on the tip is a method most experienced anglers have enjoyed at some time and this DVD, from the excellent V2V Angling series with Will Raison. specifically looks at employing this style at long range and, as is often the case, into deep water.

This feature was filmed at Bough Beech Reservoir in Kent but as Will explained, the principles can be applied broadly to any very large open water when targeting bream and skimmers.

Even for those experienced anglers this style of fishing can be daunting, but as always Will methodically goes over all the tackle you will need, from stronger and longer feeder rods, to bigger spooled reels, beefed-up line and strong hooks. He then demonstrates an effective tangle-free set up and how he prepares his bait for the session.

With the preparations complete the story moves on to the session at peg 16 on the dam wall at Bough Beech. Having shown us how he has clipped up his reels at 60 turns he begins the session at this distance into some 30ft of water, confident from previous experience on this water. A particularly good feature of this DVD is the inset  screen within the main screen. You watch and listen to Will as he explains everything he is doing, while the inset screen is focussed on the tip, enabling you to also watch as indications and bites develop.

Being quite familiar with Bough Beech, this reviewer can confirm that fishing at 60 turns into very deep water is not the easiest skill to master, particularly if there’s a bit of a wind! But as he always does, our current World Champion makes it look easy.

Whether an experienced open match angler or a pleasure angler fancying a challenging session on a big open water venue, at 85 minutes, this entertaining DVD really does cover all the aspects you need to know, it’s full of useful tips, and provides straightforward advice on the tools you’ll need to do exactly the same in a long-range feeder fishing session. If you can master this, you are well on the way to being able to cope with almost any other long-range scenario you're likely to encounter.

One minor point though: The viewer should note the rig diagram separate from the main feature is not exactly as Will demonstrates it. Sharp-eyed viewers will note the feeder needs to be attached to the loops, not the tag-end intended for the hooklength, nevertheless it scores high... 10/10.

Running Time: 85 minutes

Kevin Pack