Merida Video
(it really is hot stuff!)
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Having spent many hours walking several kilometres in the baking heat of Merida, during this years 2010 World Championships, I can safely say that this was one of the finest and most exciting championships I've ever attended. It all came down to the choice of tactics... should it be a big fish or bust approach... should it be a safe small fish race... or should one try to combine the three elements of short pole, long pole and waggler?
It proved a fascinating and absorbing story, which unfolded over the two main tournament days, ultimately into a dramatic and close finish between the world's best two teams.'s coverage was, as always, extensive but there was one thing missing... a video reminding us of just how good this year's event was... that is until now!
Our web-partners,, joined up with us during the Championships and one of their projects was to produce a video, encapsulating all the excitement and suspense surrounding this prestigious world event. They are not movie professionals in the true sense of the word, but dedicated anglers endeavouring, like us, to move and improve the media presentation boundaries of angling, especially on the web. This video certainly does both of those. It actually gives the impression that they've been doing it for years and is difficult to fault their efforts.
It's been a slow operation for them to finally arrive at a point where all the hard work has come together. Having just previewed an advanced copy of their Merida DVD, I can honestly recommend that it is one of the best videos of an anglingcompetition I have ever seen. Barring the odd minor mistake in detailing particular personnel, the production is classy, stylish and extremely professionally built, not to mention entertaining. I should know, I was there!
Although the DVD has a German 'slant' – they are, after all, from Germany! – there are many interviews and views of other national personalities, from such teams as England, Hungary, Italy, Holland and of course Germany. It's in both German and English language, so everyone can see just how this tournament developed. The video covers the final two practice days, through to the weekends' competition.
Scoring it out of 10, I have no hesitation in awarding it 9.5... it would have been 10 without those few errors creeping in!
What you can see below, is a short trailer, to wet your appetite for the main DVD, which will soon be on sale, via the website. We shall include a direct link to the main shopping page of their website when it becomes available for general release on 18th October 2010.
Running time: 108 minutes German, 98 minutes English.