The Pellet Feeder
...more to it than meets the eye!

It's not just a simple matter of cramming a load of pellets into a feeder and then siting back and waiting for a bite, it requires a little more thought than that! Understand it and it actually becomes a real threat to the 'Method' brigade, which can put you in touch with some serious catches... READ MORE
Speed fishing for Bream
We've all been in that situation I'm sure, you know the one, when bream move onto your feeder line and the bells ring for bag-up time. However, how many have blown it? You begin to pick up fish steadily, and your happy, because you know there's loads in front of you! But instead of the potential THREE figure weight, your tally becomes a fraction of it, and you don't know why. Well, one of europe's finest feeder anglers shows you the 'light'... READ MORE