Hello Hollow... welcome to a sensitive approach?
Bite registration can, pardon the pun, be a sensitive subject! Opinions vary on how best to read them. There are those who favour ultra-fine bristles and the newer breed who advocate hollow ones. Dave Ewing looks at just how sensitive this subject has become... READ MORE
Once Upon A Time... Part Two
Having set the scene with the initial feeding strategies for the three anglers, we now look at how their 'game plans' developed. There would be some surpising and interesting results which would cast more light on the importance that surrounds feeding... READ MORE
The Fall of the Maggot - Part 3
In this final part, we look at just how much the theory relates to real life. Does it really matter which way the maggot's hooked or shouldn't you bother and just keep doing what you've always done? Some interesting results come from some interesting thoeries, which may improve your catches... READ MORE
The Fall of the Maggot - Part 1
For most of us, hooking a maggot is a singular robotic thing... we get the hook and shove it through the maggot's blunt end, and that's that... or so you would thing. David Ewing, however, let his curiosity get the better of him and decided to look into this action in a little more detail... well a lot of detail actually, so we've had to break this feature into THREE parts.... READ MORE
'Once Upon A Time....' Part One
What happens when you give three anglers the same groundbait, the same hookbait and almost identical rigs on the same venue? Well, we did just that with three top european internationals and came up with some surprising results... READ MORE
The Fall of the Maggot - Part 2
Still dealing with some of the technicalities of the series, David Ewing takes a short trip into his back garden to put certain theories to the test in a large tank of water. Amongst other things, we'll see just how maggots fall through the water when hooked in certain ways. You may never hook another maggot YOUR way again after reading this! .... READ MORE