International Links
International organisations are welcome to submit their links to this page. as long as they are match fishing relevant and are not advertising dominated! 

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'Snappy' home site of the Belgian Fishing Federation - excellent viewing. Check out this year's youth world champs section.


Top German National Team site

Germany's main match publisher, following in the tradition of the UK's and Matchfishing magazine.


This site quite literally is full of 'craic' as its the country's premier angling forum so look in on it.

County Cavan has one of the finest records when it comes to Irish angling, so this site should be a must for any visitor.

If you want the 'craic' on IRELAND than this site is a must.


Excellent viewing for those interested in the Italian match scene with many match results available, also pole and styl comparison sections.


An excellent site for all of our Polish visitors... and it's in Polish!


Organisers of the superb annual Scandanavian Masters competition in Sweden.

Very interesting match fishing site based in Finland - loads of links!

The Danes don't only brew great beer you know!


Fantastic Spanish club site, with loads to see and do... so long as you speak Spanish!


Match fishing is becoming strong in Canada, checkout these two.  and