Canal Fishing...
German style with Marco Beck
The fishing opportunities in and around Berlin must surely rank as one of the most diverse, richest and beautiful in all of Germany and can rightly stand proud against its European neighbours. This area of water is enormous and produces an almost inexhaustible supply of silver fish, surely the prime reason why the region has not seen any decline, unlike many other areas in the country...READ MORE

Pinkie Vs Punch
Normally we like to show lots of fish being caught and in-depth summaries into why and how. Unfortunately, or otherwise, things don't always follow the 'norm' so this month we'll take a quick look at a more basic problem... getting bites in Winter on a 'rock-hard' canal (without the benefit of bloodworm!!!)... READ MORE


Since the 1980's, Dockland's have transformed London's skyline and its once derelict docks have been transformed into a piscatorial haven! Dave Vincent goes deep to uncover a 'gem' of a fishery. 


It may be a common belief that ‘all that glitters is not Gold’, however, when silver fish are on the menu at one particular southern venue its definitely believable.  READ MORE