Serbia once more reinforced their growing strength on the international scene with a dominant display from their top team, KSR Cigra, in Slovakia. They finished over 5 points clear of the strong Hungarian side, Shimano Dunaferr FC.

Serbian angling is growing stronger by the year and it can only be a matter of time before their national side follows the lead that their U22's set in Belgium during the 2008 World Youth Championships and lifts a major trophy. Serbia's world class angler, Goran (Mr Barbel) Radovic, confirmed their superiority by producing a perfect 2pt score over the weekend. Needless to say it was with the help of his favourite species!!! They will no doubt be a force to reckon with on Slovenia's River Sava.

The Mandunice Channel, which hosted the 2003 World Championships, was in poor form with many struggling. Day one proved the best with just 3 blanks, while day two produced a cataclysmic slump to EIGHTEEN, a disappointing end to a prestigious event. Weights on both days didn't get past double figures and the 8.550kg on day one, from Serbia's Predrag Vesligaj, was the best the venue could throw up over the weekend.

England's Starlets prove 'stars' in Slovenia!
It's not often that English clubs come away with anything of note from these events. It's one area of international competition which simply does not seem to 'gel' with our home teams, unusual when you consider England's standing in the angling world!

However, this year proved a rare treat for home fans. Headed by Drennan Team England joint manager Mark Downes and containing two full internationals, Kamasan Starlets showed true bulldog spirit by snatching a bronze medal on the last day, by just half a point. Under Mark's guidance, the 5-man Starlet squad set about turning a day one's disappointing 6th place, into a medal winning position, a trait Team England have become renown and feared for on the world stage. Although this tournament is all about teams, not individuals, we have to congratulate Sean Ashby, who posted a 3pt total over the two days to finish in second individual place.

One noted highlight was the tiny state of San Marino showing, yet again, the way to it's bigger and more illustrious Italian neighbour. After their impressive team silver at the 2008 WC, who knows what lies in store for them... perhaps Slovenia may see them reach even greater heights?

Full TEAM and section results from DAY 1 and DAY 2 available as PDF downloads.

Our thanks go to "Zockey" for supplying the photos and results.