Welcome to the start of what we hope will be a long and productive In-Depth series, dealing with some of the finer issues in match-fishing. Issues such as plumbing-up, striking, pole roller use. In association with Europes newest magazine, we shall bring you developed features from their experienced and highly effective journalistic team which we hope will encourage you to go on to greater things in your own individual countries.

The Art of Striking
Part 3: From theory to practise
Striking methods will always be dictated by bites, and the species they come from. This part deals with these issues in a more practical manner, by following one of England's greatest anglers', as he sets about testing various theories in a way we can all relate to... READ MORE
The Art of Striking
Part Two: Defining a bite
When we think of striking, we often overlook other aspects which prompt such an action. In this part of our extended article, we look closer into these not so obvious factors...READ MORE
Roll-On... Roll-Off
Part One: The development and use of pole rollers
It's a product we think we know, so we buy it without really understanding, or appreciating, the rollers full operational benefits. And although it may support thousands of pounds (euros) worth of pole, when it comes to buying one we often resent spending lots of money on them! It's a particular item of tackle that few in media circles have been able, or indeed bothered, to look into, except now… READ MORE


The Art of Striking
Part One
The definition of striking: “a vital action that sets the hook in a fishes mouth, thereby allowing the angler the opportunity to land it”. A simple explanation maybe, yet one which opens the door to many questions. Dave Ewing delves into what may prove to be a 'minefield of opinion' with his usual thoroughness, and sheds more light on an action you probably believe you've already mastered!.. READ MORE

Roll-On... Roll-Off
Part Two: Choosing the right roller for you
Whether to buy a V, W or flat roller... or not to buy, that is the question. It's really more to do with what's right for you, but you need to take into account some important considerations… READ MORE
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