The site was revamped in 2008 within the Joomla module system, but there are many other related features, which where published prior to that revamp, in other formats. It comes with a complete photo/feature library of every Euro & World championships from 2008-2014, plus any other previously formatted international features etc. I will, of course, help introduce any new purchaser to MA’s ‘web’ of contacts… the many European international teams, Champions-team in Germany and Nicolas Beroud/David Ewing from InfoPeche in France. These are vital links in maintaining the information network of is now the most recognised and appreciated match fishing website throughout world angling. The site contains a library of classic match fishing articles, on subjects as diverse as soils, paste fishing, slider fishing and the effects of tow and drift on pole floats, plus many others. Matchangler is also well known and famous for its extensive coverage of World and European competitions. No other newspaper, magazine or website has come close to the depth of technical analysis, detail and cross-section coverage that Matchangler has produced.

More information, regarding content within the site, can be obtained pending any serious offers. ALL relevant files, access codes etc., will be supplied on hard drives. Needless to say I will remain available during the transition to the new purchaser, so as to make the switch as simple as possible.

If you are unable to display any sensible offer in obtaining, I would appreciate you not wasting your time or mine.

Serious approaches can be forwarded to, where we can expand details more thoroughly. All enquiries will be treated with the utmost privacy.