The 2014 World Championship video diary page

Unfortunately the WiFi system in the hotel is woefully inadequate to cope with the influx of iPhones and other mobiles which everyone here seems to have. Therefore we have to take advantage of the times when all the teams staying in the hotel are out, which means utilising the lunchtime period. We are now managing to place better quality diaries below and will endeavour to upload as quickly as production and WiFi access will allow. Our Wednesday diary is now below.

Wednesday's Diary 


Thursday's Diary 


We have two more videos of action from Thursday's practice session for you:

What is clear from our travels along the bank, is that this venue is as much alien to 75% of competing teams as Team England. The weather as been terrible but currently, Friday is turning out quite nice. There are still fish being caught from a river/channel which is unlike anything I've ever seen, and indeed many others. It's a fascinating place and the start of the championship tomorrow will begin to unravel who has learnt best from a disappointing practice week. We are shorting many frames of video, and picking the right selection to place in Friday's Diary but it will take time. What we do not use in the Diaries, we will bring you over the next week or so. 

Friday's Diary


Friday's Diary is somewhat late, apologises. There will be no more Diaries as we are now in the final day of competition. As many would have already seen on social media, Holland is leading the rankings and England are in a poor 14th position. Realistically, their chances are diminished greatly, bearing in mind the teams that precede them. However, this venue is more than capable of turning around any day one result, however unlikely. We wish Jan and his team the very best of luck and also Team England, who will not let their position deter them from climbing back into a more favourable position.
A complete downloadable file of Saturdays results is available on the contents page.

We now have yet more action from Friday's final practice sessions:


Here's our final Friday video, which features avisit to the Hungarian, Russian and French boxes...



Unfortunately we put away the video camera on Saturday to concentrate on our still photographs, but fear not, we took a loads of videos on Sunday, which we start below with an interview with joint England manager Mark Addy.

Sunday Diaries

We now have more action from Sunday's match:

Our penultimate video (that means there is still one to come from the presentation ceremony) from Sunday features footage of Arjan Klop's prolonged weigh-in; a close up on the new world champion 'Mr Barbel'; a get-together with a jubilant Dutch team on the bank and a personal interview with the man who made it all possible, Holland supremo Jan Van Schendel; and finally, a 'fly-on-the-wall' peek at Jan while giving some in-depth comments of the Championship to Dave Johnson and Drennan's Jon Arthur. (Not quite sure whether Jan knew I was recording him or not!!!)

Sunday final video looks at the presentation ceremony. Unfortunately the light was getting darker as we had been moved outside of the panorama Hotel. It is fine while we have use of the Sky TV camera lights, but the they finished and the podium was darkened. Hope it doesn't spoil you vieing too much.