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Marc, Netherlands
Really enjoying the WC coverage. Too bad Holland and England missed the podium. But the overall WC was very well organized and lots of fish.
I believe the new point system didn’t really improve the overall result. In fact before the championship started there was a competition where you could predict the result of number 1, 2 and 3.  If they didn’t change the point system me and my fishing mate would of both won the competition of predicting exactly the number 1, 2 and 3.
The podium in the new point system was quite remarkable.  I believe it didn’t really improve the final results. The main minor in the system is that it is possible if youre lucky, you end up with a lot of underdog fisherman in your subsector. For a lot of good anglers it could be hard because it they could end up fishing with a lot of good anglers (for instance England, Italy, France, Belgium, Netherlands and Hungary) in one subsector. This can totally discredit the team standings. Leaving a underdog ending up winning the other subsector wich they would never won if there where no subsectors.
In my opinion the old system is better. Of course it will be hard for some countries to end up higher in the end results. But on the other hand, this will give them even more drive of improving there skills and coming back stronger the year after. The countries that are on top now didn’t  get there skills over night. It’s more than fair that they eventually end up winning.
But the countries that are willing to put in the extra effort of coming back stronger next year will make it harder for the top keeping up there good results. And isn’t that what wc are about. The best winning it because of all the effort they put in! You can actually see that a lot of countries are improving. The Germans, Dutch/Hungary/Poland etc, are putting in a lot of time and effort. And over the last couple of years you see them climbing the ladder.
In my opinion the old system is better and more honest. One thing you won’t change is that some top-anglers will always be the ones on top!!! Even if you limit there chances they will stick out.

Niklas, Norway
Hi, I just want to applaud the article “Is it point(less) or not?”
Great research, and the way you think about seeding is very good.

Zockey, coordinator of Serbia ASF
New sistem is not so bad, but need some improvement.Your three-bag sistem (or seeded draw sistem) is very good, but, on my opinion you make some mistake. If the Slovakia did not come in Finland 2005 give them maximum of 31 points (30 nations was in Finland + 1 because they was absent) and then calculate.
They have 98 points and then they are in bag 2! Serbia is also in bag 2 because they have 79 points (2004 -17, 2005-13  as Serbia & Montenegro, 2006-4, 2007-16, 2008-9 as Serbia).
What about the rest of Championships?  2-bag sistem, because sectors are divided in 2 undersectors? Six or eight  teams in first bag and the rest in second bag? Sound good ! All we need is good and balanced grill for drawing. (Many of us are very unsatisfied with present grills)
And whats about second day? Drawing the lots again? Again use three bag sistem for the top nine on first day etc, or just followed yesterday grill?
In my country we already have seeded draw sistem for individual and some teams competition and results are very, very good so far.

Jan, Netherlands
What do we think about the new system. As it is now, is not to every one´s satisfaction.
It's like communist-fishing. In Holland we say nivellering. As you know is fishing on this level in two days not enough to give the best anglers of the world. The best way is to increase the days of matches from 2 till 4 days. Training days will be less then. The costs are the same.
Every angler-country is fishing against every country under the new point system, if not then you have to increase the number matches.
I am certain that in this way the best countries-anglers will be in the top.
But how can we explain this to the Organisation CipsFips? Networking is very important.

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