After making a mistake with our first Monday update, for which I apologise, (I set the story to 'Special'... so no one was able to view it except me!!!!) I can now bring you some info from Tuesday's practice sessions.

Practice sessions for all weekdays, except Friday consist of two periods, a morning from 10.30am to 1.30pm, and the afternoon from 3pm to 6pm.

Although the day started fine with sunshine and a light breeze, this did not last very long and the afternoon session broke into overcast and scattered showers. Having travelled the whole match length, some 4km, of which most was driven, it was apparent that A section was by far the best. Whether this had something to do with the preceding weeks closure of the venue, I can't say, although the reasons for bream showing in the early part of A section may point to the fact that many anglers arriving the week before official practice (including England) may have drawn fish into the downstream areas below A section!

The Dutch had a bream bonanza in A section, with several anglers benefitting, including John Savelkoul who netted seven of them for around 14kg. Much of the other sections suffered a drop in form from the previous day. The French in section E, who had been strong in the Senses Challenge, could only manage 2.5kg at best. The Belgians, who were their next box neighbours, faired slightly worse with just around 2kg being the best. The weights were from the morning sessions as the afternoon 3 hour stint was more of a play around for many and the early arrival of rain at the start of the afternoon session prompted several squads to pack-up. But back to the morning session...

England had drawn the opposite end to the Dutch in A section and posted respectable weights up to 4kg+. The Italians were in the early part of D section, next door to newcomers New Zealand and what a day for them! The best weights from Italy were just over 4.6kgs while the Kiwi's best return was 4.2kg... not bad for a team who've travelled halfway round the world with no sponsorship, no boxes and limited tackle. Lets hope the encouraging signs continue and they make a habit of attending these Championships.

In all, the day did not see the venue at its best and with continued weather reports painting the remaining weekdays bleak, weights are likely to stay hovering below what this venue can offer. An encouraging note was that the final afternoon session saw England's Alan Scotthorne net five slabs averaging 2 kilos each, and they were still 'blowing' as he packed up! Could the fish now be starting to move up into the match length I wonder? The following days' will tell and we'll try to keep you up-to-date as much as our WiFi connections will allow. This may mean reports will be uploaded the following morning!

Dave Johnson