Having arrived in Holland on the Monday evening, and made my way to our accommodation at the RCN Park in Zeewolde, disaster seemed to loom large. Our internet connection via the Park's WiFi was proving woefully inadequate and unstable. In fact, I had met Dutch manager Jan Van Schendel at the entrance and he had already warned me of the poor reception. How this will affect our daily coverage, I cannot say at the moment, but we shall do everything possible to rectify the situation. This brief update, is only courtesy of an early morning session on the keyboard, prior to setting off to the venue, some 30km away.

Initial feedback from Jan is that the venue has not been fishing too bad. Reasonable weights to 3kg+ and the odd bream weight to 12kg+. However, ominous signs of bad weather are forecast with rain/showers and high wind approaching 30km per hour towards the end of the week... lets hope the Dutch forecasts are as 'crap' as the English ones!!!

Reports may be somewhat scrappy until we can establish a more secure form of connection, but we will nevertheless keep you informed as technology will allow!

Dave Johnson