Euro Results & Intro
Welcome to the results page for the 14th European Angling Championships held in the Czech Republic.
Apologises for delays... we hope everythings OK now and we can start producing our reports and galleries for you over the coming days and weeks.


The Russian joy say's it all !!!
First... a brief summary of the Championships
by Dave Johnson,

To say the least, it was a surprising if not memorable tournament. Surprising in as much as all the big guns failed to find the winners podium, memorable in that we could be seeing for the first time the emergence of a new force in european/world angling.

England Events Director, Dick Clegg, reminded us of Rusia's first entry into world level angling, back in 1987 and was very diplomatic when he described them as, and I quote, "very average". Since then they have looked, listened and learn't... and shown everyone what is achieveable, given the right conditions.

Angling has moved on over the years and so have the levels of skill. Teams from the smaller nations, including many of the old eastern bloc countries, have made massive improvements in their angling abilities. Poland, for one, have been a major force in central Europe for several years now, along with Hungary, but look at Serbia, their progress has been as equally remarkable as Russia's. They finished this championship just behind England, having finished day one just four points behind Russia in second place.

Like football, there now seems to be no easy 'push-over' teams any more. Angling is, and always has been, a sport based on certain degrees of luck, and it's this element in particular, which will always give hope to teams who may have lesser ability or equipment than others. Angling need this element for it to prosper, it would be a sorry and boring day if teams like Italy, England or France were always on the podium (although personally I wouldn't mind in England's case!!!). Sometimes, results like these actually help these bigger teams, by giving more impetus in their next international preparation. It's certain that they will all come back stronger, as that urge to win is inside them as well as every other match angler on the planet!

For this year however, Russia have dominated and triumphed. They looked every inch a champion team when they proudly came onto the rostrum in their smart outfits (Holland take note), the emotions were clearly there (see it all on video later) and summed up what it meant to them. It's now more than likely that we'll see Russian angling move up several gears as their oil. gas and other financial 'bodies' pump in more cash, as the country realises that here is another sport they can start to dominate... just like in the old days!
Watch out World... the Russians are on the Coming!

Special thanks must be given to our Czech hosts, whole excelled themselves in the preparation and execution of these Championships. Our particular appreciation goes to the officials of the organising committee, especially Ivan and David, without who's help coverage of the championships would have been much more difficult!

To come on MA Plus' European Report:
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  • Overviews of each day;
  • Individual stories/battles which took place in some of the sections;
  • Galleries (will be added over a 2 week period);
  • Videos: How to ball in with the 5x World Champ, Presentations of the medals and trophies;
In fact we have so much content, it will take over 2 weeks plus to fully upload!!!